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Maintaining Business Momentum

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Keeping business momentum when we shift in and out of lockdown is hard – really hard. If you are part of a large organisation, you have the advantage of knowing that some decisions will be made for you. You might feel out of control on a (disturbingly) regular basis, but you are familiar with how your organisation responds to a lockdown easing. For sole traders and small business, it’s a lonelier affair.

Co-workers Pass: with flying colours
Five simple tips

In a recent COVID-19 Briefing Note by global consulting firm McKinsey & Company identified 5 keys to maintaining business momentum in the midst of this pandemic:

1. Self-care

2. A focus on purpose

3. The ability to recognise the default mindset

4. Deeper connections with colleagues

5. An environment where it is safe to learn

To adapt when lockdowns threaten to grind you and your business to a halt, sole traders, entrepreneurs and small businesses need to put this Top 5 on their fridge door, screen saver or liquor cabinet (hey, whatever works) so they remain top of mind.

But we all know that the real key isn't just knowing what to focus on. It's putting the 5 tips into action. That’s where BOOM Clunes, or other likeminded co-working spaces can come in.

Co-Worker's Pass

In a small business, where you don’t necessarily have a board or colleagues to help you nut out a problem or speculate on how shifts in the market might play out, McKinsey & Company’s article highlights the important role that professional connections and environments can play.

Here at BOOM Clunes there is a reason we sell Co-Workers Passes. Not because we like the name (although, we really do!), but because we recognise that those connections you’ll form with others who work, think and network at BOOM are more vital now than ever. In times of isolation, every little connection counts. So the name we chose was a deliberate choice, designed to emphasise the importance of that.

How our space works is just as deliberate.

We offer desks, quiet areas, meeting rooms and even serviced offices in a period building that feels part office, part someone’s incredible historic home. It's not designed to be your typical office, because these are not typical times.

BOOM’s an inviting blend of practical needs met (yes, we mean high speed Wi-Fi, commercial printer and coffee on tap) and intelligent adaptation that encourages you to relax and work in a way that is intrinsically outside the box.

At a stage in this pandemic where we will continue to go in and out of lockdown. When business truly is uncertain and it takes all our energy to remain on purpose, investing in a Co-Worker Pass at BOOM Clunes and hanging out with others who get that is half the battle.

So why not stick this Top 5 on your fridge now and when restrictions ease, make time to visit BOOM Clunes at 28 Fraser Street, to see how it can help you keep your business momentum going forward.


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