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Exclusively for co-workers

Free, high-speed WIFI

Photocopier and printer

Podcast and Zoom room

Desks, charging stations,

meeting rooms.

Serviced offices are available for an additional charge.

Connections to like-minded professionals, virtual networks and resources to help inspire your best work

BOOM Works is the business end of BOOM Clunes. Located upstairs at the old State Bank, this co-working space gives local and visiting business people room to work, think, and network.

A Co-Worker Pass provides preferential access to facilities that help you do your job well, but it's much more than that.

It's a space to connect with others, in person and virtually, to grow and develop your business. Make it easier to excel at your work by getting your own Co-Worker Pass now.


Our Offerings

  • 7 Days a Week

  • Desks, Meeting Rooms

  • Podcast and Zoom Room

  • Networking Events

Find out about learning and other opportunities to grow your business. Download the PDF.

Download and complete the Co-Worker Agreement

Please Login or Sign up to renew or purchase a co-working plan.

We need you to sign up and log in each time you purchase a co-working plan as this enables us to provide you with important information about our terms and secure your agreement with those terms. For this reason, in order to purchase a plan, you must login/sign up, and then select your plan from the options below (or by selecting "subscriptions" in your account). If you select the plan first, it will still prompt you to sign in. Selecting a plan will take you to a page with the terms. These are quite lengthy; scroll down and read through the terms, then complete the form below the terms to finalise your purchase.

You can sign in using Google, Facebook, or email. It's easy.
The Login Bar is directly below:

Login or Sign up to renew or purchase

Choose your co-worker pass

Find one that works for you

  • Co-Worker Monthly

    Valid for one month
  • Co-Worker Yearly

    Valid for 12 months
  • Co-Worker Monthly (Recurring)

    Every month
    Valid for 6 months

Desks and Meeting Rooms

Co-Workers are welcome to turn up and use the large reception room without booking. There are plenty of places to settle in and get work done. On days when the meeting room is not in use, you are welcome to use the space to work. 

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