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boom [ing]

takes creativity and community.  Small town decline is not inevitable.

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Western society is used to the fluctuations that are part of normal business cycles - also known as a boom bust cycle.  It typically has four main phases, expansion, peak, contraction and trough.

While a regular occurrence, the impact of these fluctuations can be far-reaching - especially in small communities.

Clunes Neighbourhood House has long been interested in the traits that help small towns tip towards a boom.  BOOM Clunes is the culmination of that interest; a place where community and business can experiment individually and together, in order to succeed.

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What is BOOM Clunes?

BOOM Clunes is a social enterprise start-up driven by circular economy thinking that focuses on applying new ideas - as well as nurturing them. 


BOOM Clunes incorporates three different income streams; a retail centre, a business and employability centre and an innovation incubator - experimenting with product and service ideas to create additional income.

It is operated by volunteers and staff from Clunes Neighbourhood House.

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