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Go Local Clunes

Small businesses in regional areas have been doing it tough. So, we got together with local businesses and groups in Clunes and, together with the Clunes Tourist & Development Association and Clunes Neighbourhood House (our parent organisation), we met to see what we could do to boost business in the area. Go Local Clunes is an outcome of that process. It's funded by Business Victoria's Business Chambers and Trader Group Round Three grants.

Tradie, Retailer, Service Provider, Farmer...

Go Local Competition Terms & Conditions

Whatever your business, Go Local Clunes is designed to help you grow. If you operate a business in the Clunes district, you are eligible to register and become involved.

There are plenty of benefits to getting involved—whether it's upgrading your social media skills, promoting your business, tapping into the incentives on offer from November 2022 to March 2023, or finding ways to leverage your offerings in the community, Go Local Clunes has something to offer you! 

To register your interest, contact Victoria at You can download your Information Pack here.

Entering the weekly and monthly draw to win vouchers to shop in Clunes is easy. There are a few simple rules:

  1. You need to make a purchase from a participating Clunes business.

  2. You must complete an entry form (physical & online versions are available from participating businesses) or write your name and contact details on the back of a receipt, and drop your entry in the Go Local Entry Box in-store or at BOOM.

  3. Online entry forms are available on this site and can be accessed by following the instructions supplied by the participating Clunes business where you made your purchase.

  4. There is only one winner each week/month. Entry into the competition does not guarantee a prize.


We'd like to announce the prizes each week/month and would like to celebrate our lucky winners with a Facebook post. We'll contact the winners first to discuss this option.

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Good community projects don’t just happen.  They are built on trust and collaboration in spaces that allow open conversation.  It helps when those conversations can be facilitated and captured.  It helps even more if there are people or organisations involved who have the leadership, time and resources to assist in turning those ideas into action.   This is what happened with Go Local Clunes.  Our project is not complex or groundbreaking, but the way we’ve gone about it as a town is.  As a town, we should be proud of how we approach issues impacting our community because it is a skill we can repeatedly use as we tackle issues that impact us.   If we share our experiences (see the documents below), it’s also an opportunity for other like-minded places to do something similar.

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