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Good Incentive to Go Local

Best practice Go Local campaigns typically include a shopping incentive, and Go Local Clunes is no different - thanks to the Clunes Tourist & Development Association.

Picture: Counter packs - soon to hit shops!

When businesses met in August this year to talk about how a Go Local campaign might take shape in Clunes, CTDA helped strengthen our grant application by contributing the funds for a Go Local incentive. Acting on behalf of businesses and the community in Clunes for more than 50 years now, CTDA understood the importance of providing a practical and enticing incentive for people to shop locally.

Incentives like this (especially during the holiday season) create an exciting buzz, drawing attention to Go Local promotions to stimulate local sales and support our town's businesses. Combining local vouchers and products as prizes, as well as cash makes getting involved meaningful for local shoppers; as well as businesses.

Coming Soon!

These counter packs are at the printer at the moment but will hit retail shops by next week. When you shop at local businesses pop your name and telephone number on the receipt and enter that into the counter pack. If you shop at a business that doesn't have a counter pack in store, just take your receipt to the nearest shop that does.

Winners will be announced each week online at, on the Clunes Online Noticeboard and a notice will be printed and put on the community noticeboard in Collins Place. The more you shop, the more chance you have of winning!

This is a great example of community groups working together to support each other and using circular economy thinking to achieve objectives. The funding provided by the Victorian State Government to support the Clunes Go Local project was highly competitive, but CTDA's contribution to this part of the project demonstrated the commitment that exists in our town to working together and who knows, may have just been what we needed to tip the scales that led to us being able to deliver this project.


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