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Feel-good Experience for All

When you shop at BOOM Clunes it's a good experience for everyone.

Co-workers Pass: with flying colours
Unique Offerings inside a Historic Beauty

When Clunes Neighbourhood House established BOOM Clunes nearly a year ago, our intention was to build a business that added to Clunes' capacity to boom despite the difficulties of the pandemic. Diverse income streams were an important part of the model, and establishing a retail shop underneath our Co-Working Space was integral - on multiple levels.

Clunes Experience

Our shop is open Thursday to Monday from 10am til 3pm provides visitors to Clunes with more than just a shopping experience.

Located within the historic State Bank building, the shop has an ambiance that takes people back to Clunes' heady gold rush days - not to mention a product range that is uniquely Clunes.

Whether you are looking for a good book to read while you are visiting our

Booktown, a memory of your trip here or if you are local, something to send to a friend that shows them why you'll never leave Clunes (lol!) - there is a little 'taste' of Clunes that you can always take away with you when you shop at BOOM.

Every $ Spent is Returned to the Community

BOOM Clunes is a social enterprise that is based on circular economy thinking. The products we sell in the shop are often local, supporting local creatives and entrepreneurs who are seeking to build their own businesses. Last year alone, we returned more than $ to these suppliers through sales in our store. But this is not the only way the dollars you spend in our shop return to the community. Every $ raised in the shop returns to community programming, helping Clunes Neighbourhood House roll out a series of offerings for everyone in our community from activities to services.

So, when you shop at BOOM, it's hard not to enjoy your purchase when you know that there is that kind of return for all involved!!!

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