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Dodging life's Punches

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Whether we work in the city or the country, the level of disruption we’ve all had to deal with since the pandemic began has been mind-boggling - and this year is not pulling any punches.

Laneway at the side of BOOM Clunes, 28 Fraser Street, Clunes.

The way 2022 began made it very clear to all of us that humankind’s desire to establish routine is not going to be easily met, especially as we shift into this new stage of COVID. So what does that mean for the world of work?

A lot actually, especially if we stick together.

Simple Things Create a Culture that Ease the Gaps

Hybrid approaches to work create a kind of unevenness that is unsettling. No one misses the commute. That change is easy to embrace! But having a chance to talk work face to face with colleagues or like-minded people is a gap that gradually widens over time.

Water cooler conversations spark creativity and create a sense of belonging and connection that not only makes you feel good, but also motivates you. That is why at BOOM we focus a lot on creating a collaborative atmosphere.

A Place to Work - and Connect

You aren’t a user or customer. You are a co-worker. You are a contributor to an environment that constantly evolves in response to the people who inhabit it – and safe gatherings are part of that.

Last week our co-workers enjoyed the ambiance of the gardens to sit outside and share a wine. [When you operate out of an historic building it seems silly not to make the most of that grandeur!] These networking events are a small part of what is on offer at BOOM, but they add to the layers of support that we deliberately create for co-workers and serviced offices.

Interested in experiencing some of this yourself? Find out more about becoming a Co-Worker here.

Author: Lana de Kort, Chief Entrepreneur

Supported by the Community Response Fund, Victorian State Government


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