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Co-Working Spaces Add Value

The world of work has changed so much that it’s hard to imagine returning to a 9am – 5pm routine that starts with a long, busy commute and involves sitting in a crowded office building all day. Our work lives have changed and despite the difficulty associated with all the changes we’ve had to deal with, some of it has been good.

Co-workers Pass: with flying colours
Rural Hubs

For rural areas, the rise in co-working spaces in country places has not only supported the creativity and productivity of local people in new ways, but also the town. Professional development opportunities that might have been difficult to access or deliver adapted during the pandemic, and pro-active providers are making sure that innovative town's like Clunes have the opportunity to tap into new experiences - like this clever Coffee School Bus.

Leading to Opportunities for All

The opportunities that can be attracted to co-working hubs were particularly visible in Clunes when the Coffee School Bus parked out front today and set up shop.

At a time when staffing shortages in the hospitality sector are at an all time high, our partnership with Djerriwah Community & Education Services, West@Work and Jobs Victoria resulted in an innovative twist on onsite training. Yes, it all happened in the bus!

Our co-workers have been able to smell coffee brewing as they’ve worked (who doesn’t love that smell?!) while the people in our town have had access to professional training that could lead to a job locally – or in neighbouring towns.

This is just one example of the opportunities that can be sparked by an active co-working space and the first of many we are hoping to roll out this year.

Another Good Reason to be a Co-Worker

Are you a professional working from home, or an entrepreneur operating your own business? Are you someone who’d like a space to study while you do a degree remotely? Whatever work you are doing, maybe being part of a co-working space like BOOM is just what you need?

Why not contact us to discuss what is involved by calling 03 53454078 or email or simply join online by signing up below.


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