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Community behind BOOM

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

If your first encounter with BOOM Clunes is through our business doors, it's easy to be unaware of the community story that first led to their opening. High-speed internet and a collegiate space to work go a long way to easing your day when you work from home or run your own business, but the beating heart of BOOM involves so much more than that - and this video tells that story in spades.

One month ago, Clunes Neighbourhood House (the parent body of BOOM Clunes) moved into its new home and marked that day with a fun, family day celebration. The 'house warming' party was a significant milestone. Operating for more than 40 years, Clunes Neighbourhood House has always shared or rented premises but now we have a home of our own. In moving into the iconic, former Clunes Free Lending Library, Clunes Neighbourhood House responded to a call out from the community asking us to take responsibility for its activation and ultimately, preservation. But in return they gave us a gift - and that gift is security.

Working Together to Meet Needs

Security is an interesting thing. It lies at the foundation of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the model that informs all of Clunes Neighbourhood House's social, wellbeing and cognitive programming. Without security we cannot evolve as a community. Our energies are focused on meeting basic needs like shelter, food and survival. As we sit in the comfort offered by BOOM Clunes workspace, or enjoy the retail experience the shop offers, those immediate needs seem far removed.

But strangely enough, they aren't.

Despite the town's historic beauty, Clunes is the third lowest socio-economic postcode in Victoria. Generational unemployment is rife, housing shortages (not just for community groups like ours) and affordability are having a growing impact and the cost of living it biting. Irrespective of our proximity to major centres, health inequality in Clunes (measured by the Modified Monash Indicator at MMM Level 5) is the equivalent of small, remote towns in outback Australia. Combined with an ageing population, these factors mean that as a community we need to work creatively to address our needs - and in Clunes, we do.

Community Return

Initiatives like BOOM Clunes go a long way to helping support our community achieve its aims. The enterprise (both shop and co-working space) nurtures a culture of self-determination, offering people a space to develop ideas, experiment with products and their business, while also generating income that can be returned to community through the activities of Clunes Neighbourhood House.

Activities like the Family Fun Day.

So, when you think about wanting to work somewhere other than your home, or buying a gift for a friend, why not visit BOOM Clunes at 28 Fraser Street, Clunes? As you can tell from the spirit of the video, our metaphoric doors are always open.


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