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A Little About Our Makers

We sell locally crafted objects and hand-selected items in our store at  BOOM 

Here, we showcase some of the wonderful work and objects for sale.

ceramic cups.jpg

Locally Made

Clunes Pottery

Clunes Pottery embraces the goldfield's landscape by using locally ochres and materials. Each piece is individually handcrafted.

Locally Made

The Odd Sockery

Bringing sock-making back to Clunes one pair at a time, The Odd Sockery uses an antique Gearhart Circular Sock Machine, circa 1904, to turn out an array of brightly coloured socks. Made using regionally sourced wool, hand-cranked and dyed, each pair is a piece of living history.

sock weaving machine.jpg
painted board with quince farm jars.jpg

Locally Made

Quince Farm

Artisan chutneys, jams, jellies, sauces, and preserves! Delicious and eye-catching displayed here on locally-produced bespoke serving board by H.O.C.

Locally Made

Kimono Nests

Hand-sewn from antique kimonos, these delightful bijou fabric boxes are perfect for storing odds and ends, precious small things, and even plants. Behind these gorgeous kimono boxes are copies of Unmasked, an anthology of poetry and prose by the Clunes Writers Group

kimona nests.jpg
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