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Everything is Connected

Updated: May 25, 2022

In a small town, it is true that the actions of one organisation or business can help another. The 2022 Clunes Booktown Festival is nearly here, and BOOM Clunes is excited to have popped up in their promotional video.

Photo: Merchandising ready for Booktown

Ripple Effects

This festival is a perfect example of what a community can do to help their hometown thrive. Decades after the first Booktown, ripple effects are still felt. This festival not only attracts visitors to our town (during the festival and throughout the year) helping businesses like ours sell our products, it also supports local community groups from the Kindergarten to the Bowls Club to fundraise.

Link: Produced by Creative Clunes

Creating Shared Assets or Resources

But it’s not just about economic opportunities. Festivals like Clunes Booktown bring people together, help build people’s skills and provide a pool of resources or assets (you name it, this town has a marquee for it!) that can be shared at other opportunities throughout the year.

Many small towns have festivals (or Agricultural Shows - have you checked out ours in November, or maybe you came to our Historical Truck Show in March?) that provide tourism and development opportunities for their town. What's yours?

To find out more about BOOM Clunes visit or book a ticket at the festival and pop into BOOM during the weekend.

Author: Lana de Kort, Chief Entrepreneur


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